February 19th, 2006

Loz Cola

I feel like I'm playing Texas Fold'em...

The first time I watched Celebrity Poker Showdown it was a ‘reality allstars’ competition and it was boring as all hell. I felt like I couldn’t withstand it for another episode, despite the Foley goodness. There was a guy there, from one of the Survivor seasons, whom Dave described as “Andy Dick, if he weren’t funny or gay.” Which makes me feel very sorry for Dave, working with Andy for 5 years, because this guy was obnoxious and unless Andy’s humour counteracts that, it would have been incredibly annoying. Everyone else on the table was either boring or shades of annoying too. You could tell, even Dave was feeling narked off about it. He began the proceedings by telling the ‘allstars’ he had never watched their shows because he makes his living as a writer as well as an actor. You know I love him, right?

Anyway, I always suffer for the ones I love, so despite this, I still went to watch another episode. And this time? It’s been highly entertaining. There’s Howie Mandel, Bryan Cranston, Meat Loaf, Peter Dinklage and Stephen Collins. Howie is hilarious, he really is. I remember when I used to watch Bobby’s World and I always liked him. Bryan is also very amusing (Falsetto as a chip: “I didn’t like it when Meat owned me. I like you much better!”) The Meat is great and playing off everyone. He’s being loud and obnoxious, but it’s actually funny coming from him. Peter Dinklage is probably my favourite to win. Stephen Collins is quietly assured. They’re all good together, fun to watch. It’s like a completely different show. Dave just said “we have actual famous people playing out there right now.” Bwahaha. Zing! Screw you ‘reality allstars’.

I’m glad I persevered. I still don’t understand Texas Hold’em, but if you believe anything Dave says, neither does he – so it’s all good.
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