February 14th, 2006

Loz Cola

It appears to be Valentine's Day again...

I would like to take this opportunity to categorically state that I do not love him.

Although, it has been several years.

Almost a year since I last saw him.

And I still think about him.

Pretty much every day.

I am quite sure it is not love, it is the idea of love, because I did not really know him, do not really know him, and how can you love someone you do not really know?

It's like my love of cherry pie. I've never actually had cherry pie. I love cherries, and more often than not, I love pie, so I must love cherry pie, right? Not necessarily. I love cheese, I love toast and I love tomato, but I do not love Welsh Rarebit. I may love the component parts, but I do not love the whole thing. It is undoubtedly the same with him.

I think about him because I have not met anyone else who attracts me, mentally or physically. I haven't been around enough people lately to meet anyone remotely attractive to me. I think about him because we shared common interests, and thinking of common interests makes me think of him.

I want to love and so I act like I love him when really I do not. He is not even deserving of my love, considering the aforementioned lack of actually knowing him, his occasionally high level of jerkitude, and the fact that he could be contacting me at this very moment, extremely easily, and chooses not to.

So there. We have it settled. I don't love him.

I hate him.

Loz Cola

Love is like oxygen...

Because I have an extremely active imagination, I can see myself in times to come looking back on past Valentine's with a wry smile and a self-assured "oh, I was so silly." Yes. Imagination is key.

Kids in the Hall has actually been doing pretty well to cheer me up. Somehow, realising that Dave Foley is prettier than me, even as a man, doesn't depress me. I just smile at him in glee.

... It doesn't take much to distract me.
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Loz Cola

This is buddies...

Have I mentioned before how much I love the due South fandom?

I love the show, I really enjoy the show, but the collection of fans around the show? So brilliant in every way. You always have interesting conversations with due South fans. They come up with fantastic commentfic, they have the best sense of humour, and they're the most sharing and caring of any collection of fans worldwide.

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