February 13th, 2006

Loz Cola

Hey, now, now...

Is it a common thing for people to write non-fandom drabbles? You know, if there was a market for original fiction on the back of cereal boxes, I'm pretty sure I'd be making a wonderful living round about now.

Title: Words. Just words.
Fandom: None.
Rating: G
Word Count: 100 words.

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Loz Cola

Is there Life on Mars?...

My favourite film growing up was Back to the Future, I’ve been in love with Philip Glenister since seeing him in Hornblower: Mutiny and John Simm has always reminded me of Simon Pegg (something which was joked about in Spaced), so the chances of me adoring Life on Mars were exceedingly high – and of course, turned out to be extremely well-founded. Oh, I’ve also always loved the Bowie song the title is based on.

It’s well written, well acted and beautifully shot. The soundtrack is brilliant. It’s clever, mysterious, suspenseful and generally just a Good Show. I adored the first episode of Life on Mars and can’t wait to see more.

It's about a DCI - Sam, who has an accident in 2006 and "wakes up" in 1973 Britain. Is he a time traveller? Is it all in his head? He doesn't know. As he's trying to figure it all out, he's solving crime. Life on Mars is therefore combining two of my favourite types of show - sci-fi and british cop drama, with a smattering of period piece thrown in for good measure.

And now, some icons (these are for anyone who wants them, as long as they know how to credit)...

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