February 9th, 2006


Doom doom doomy doom doom doom...

I woke up this morning with the full intention of getting up and going into my practicum classroom to help teach the young students. This was not to be. I rolled over and felt deep, painful twinges of pain in my stomach region. I'm literally pained with pain. I definitely have to go in tomorrow. But today? No thank you.

I was thinking yesterday about the end of the world, mostly because I made the grave error of watching Last Night, which will no doubt be featured in its own post soon enough. I thought of the end of the world and tried to think of what I would do if I knew the apocalypse was nigh. The answer was; precious little different to what I was already doing. I did not know if this meant I am satisfied with my current state of affairs, or whether I am still too scared to go out and do other things, even with the decimation of the planet looming.

So, if I knew the world ended tomorrow, I would;

Watch my favourite shows/films.
Listen to my favourite music.
Chat with my family and friends.
Spend time on the internet.
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