February 7th, 2006

Loz Cola

Statistics don't lie - unfortunately, lovers do...

Sometimes I think I have too many fandoms. How can I be truly, passionately dedicated, if my list of fandoms extends beyond ten? I feel like I should downgrade some of my fandoms to "things I like"...

But then there's the conundrum of what to choose! And the further conundrum of "but I keep finding new things to fangirl!"

I've always thought I was a relatively monogamous kind of person. I mean, I've always liked to think that. Lack of experience makes it all purely academic. But in a hypothetical situation, I've always thought of myself as a relatively monogamous kind of person.

What if my love of the many and varied fandoms is an example that this just isn't true? What if I will be the type of person to spread herself too thin? Yes, yes, I will love passionately - but when you love that many so passionately, surely the passion decreases?
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