February 3rd, 2006

Loz Cola

On the subject of me...

Imagine for a moment that your life is beloved the world over - that you have your own fandom, that your life is its own fandom.

What ships exist? Which potentially 'delusional' arguments could be made for those ships? Do any of those ships freak you out? If not, why not? You know what fandom's like!

Are there any titles you could think of for the fanfics of your life? What would be their genres? How many terrible cliché's or conventions can you think of that would typically be used? For instance, is there an abundance of porn, mpreg, kidfic or songfic?

Speaking of songs, which tracks would be used to vid your life? Would these vids centre on the heretofore mentioned ships or be slightly more experimental?

And how about those icons? Are they trendy? Are they well made? Or is your fandom small and badly capped - with icon makers who don't know how to use their programs and like to 'smooth' skin, sharpen eyes, set an exclusion layer to blue and add lime green text?

Is there fan art, or... photo manipulation? And would people dress up at conventions?

Yes, just imagine if your life were its own fandom, imagine...
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