January 28th, 2006

Loz Cola

Life is just this... it's living...

I'm looking forward to Monday and Tuesday, with trepidation, but uh... what's the right phrase there? Joyful anticipation? Yeah that'll do.

I feel like I've cycled back around to living on the internet, so it'll be good getting out there, doing things. I entirely blame all of you for being so darn entertaining.

... don't you dare go saying that's no excuse.

Meanwhile, I need a flesh and blood boy to fangirl. Digital boys are all well and good, but they're not tangible. And whilst imaginary conversations are extremely amusing, conversations that you can't predict are much more invigorating.
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Loz Cola

Where ego knows no bounds...

So, riverlight and I were having a rousing conversation yesterday about the ds_flashfiction challenge which is basically 'write about the apocalypse/end of the world'. She mentioned that there was a 1000 word unspoken 'limit' for fics. I said I couldn't find anything like that in the info - it said fics of any length were eligible, so now I was tempted to post a 10 word story in response to the challenge - "Ray kissed Fraser. It was the end of the world."

I wake up this morning, check my email to see if I've got any feedback for my 605 word response to the challenge and think "hmm, maybe I should have posted that 10 word story after all".

Because clearly, I'm an attention whore. I got feedback and it was lovely. I just miss the days I used to get 12 comments and 110 views, you know? Even if I posted fic back in the HP fandom, I wouldn't get that.

And this is where I realise I haven't totally relinquished my "everyone should like and bow down to me" ways. Look at me, Look at me!
Loz Cola

For not all tears are an evil...

Well, I've seen The Two Towers and Return of the King now.

[understatement of the century] They were good films. [/understatement of the century]

I think the things which impressed me most were the editing and the shot composition. Yes, in films where there were copious amounts of well done special effects, hosts of characters to adore played well, hot men ( ;) ), a wonderful soundtrack and an extremely engrossing storyline which millions adore, it was the editing and shot composition which impressed me most.

I found it really difficult to get into The Two Towers. To the point where I avoided it, started and stopped it five times, went away from it for several hours, went and watched NewsRadio and finally started watching it at 2am in an attempt to get me to sleep. Of course, I didn't get to sleep, I started to enjoy it immensely - and I'd like to attribute part of that to the fact I put the subtitles on. It helped me follow everything more easily. Then I got told to get to sleep, so I stopped it again and commenced this morning.

Return of the King had me transfixed from the very beginning.

I'm glad I waited until now to watch them both.

I tried my very best not to have naughty bad inappropriate thoughts but sadly, that didn't happen. There were a few moments I laughed for reasons not attributed to an intention to make the audience laugh. Still, I don't doubt I'm not the only one.

And, after all that, I really don't think I can say much more about them. Except that I'll probably rewatch them in the not too distant future, and many things about them brought me joy. Plus, I snivelled a bit.

I was curious as to what other people's favourite characters were, so if you feel like sharing - please do.