December 6th, 2005

Loz Cola

In the dark dark night...

We had a blackout last night. It occurred at 2.22am and must have gone one for at least 2 hours. I know this because one of our clocks stops dead at the time of losing power, and another resets to 12.00 and starts counting time again when power goes on. Considering it is very hot, this was not all that pleasant, but surprisingly I appeared to survive the night.

I am back to normal now. Well, not quite, but I suppose I'm letting my very sensible brain take over from my very silly other side. Plus, there's chocolate in the fridge.
Loz Cola

How well you learn to not discern...

I may or may not have submitted an entry to hpfanficjukebox.

Oh fan fiction, I just can't keep away.

Which brings me to finally posting that piece I mentioned. It ended up being my Advent Calendar Entry because I lost my voice after practicum (I was going to submit a song - The Christmas Song - which would have been really quite nice, but impossible given my sore throat). My point? You might have already read it.

Title: We Wish You A Figgy Christmas
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 750 words.
Notes: Written November 2005. Many thanks to my beta readers, riverlight, hermioneluna and foolieonthehill.

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