November 27th, 2005

Loz Cola

But not a real green dress, that's cruel...

Many kind thanks to sansenmage (and her alter ego Satansanmage), who I think we'll all agree made me a totally rocking banner and deserves much love. I am now Living La Vida Loca in style. Really, it is wonderful and I love it - thank you!

It appears that finishing practicum is not all it takes to stop the inability to sleep, chronic early awakenings and bizarre and disturbing dreams. Gah! There was only one good thing in my dreamscape last night, and that was fangirlish in nature - though where dreaming about Mark McKinney singing on a strange karaoke show actually came from, your guess is as good as mine!
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Loz Cola

Scuse me while I kiss this guy...

I'm just curious - is it possible to have mondegreens for phrases as well as song lyrics? You know - you've heard a phrase, and thought it was saying one thing, and wrote it accordingly - and apparently the phrase was completely different? Or, you're not entirely sure, but the accepted convention is completely different.

I'm thinking of examples like "hear, hear!" (so often becoming "here, here!", which makes sense but isn't correct) or "toe the line" becoming "tow the line".
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Loz Cola

In which I come back to fan fiction again...

To be perfectly honest, one of my favourite self-written stories is a 806 word one-off. I wrote it early last year, and I still don't quite know what the inspiration was. It's one of those stories I bring out from time-to-time, to see what I have achieved. It's one of the stories I read to console myself that I can actually write Good Things.

I don't reread my long stories in this manner - which often received ridiculously large amounts of feedback by ridiculously large amounts of people. I always, without fail, see the flaws. There are parts which I adore, jokes which only a select few will get. The long stories, they're time capsules of a feeling, a knowledge, a perception, long since passed. My shorter fan fictions generally seem to hold more integrity under close scrutiny.

I write this because I started another short fiction this morning, and was amused to find it immediately bearing similarity to the aforementioned piece. Sometimes I just get the inspiration of a phrase and start. Here's the original, and if I continue to write it, I'm sure the latest written piece will appear at some point.

Title: A Dinner of Figg
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 806 words.
Notes: Written May 2004.

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