November 23rd, 2005

Loz Cola

Call it impulsive, call it compulsive, call it insane...

My previous post (the one with the delightful language) was written in the morning, before I ever got to school.

Correction - according to my University Supervisor, my unit plan on potential and kinetic energy was extremely good, scientific (he was a science teacher before he was a Principal for 30 years) and thoroughly planned - so whilst it may not be next science time - it is well worth keeping! :D

Today was a day which confirmed my deep seated belief that I am Queen of The World.

My University supervisor came and saw my lesson and in no uncertain terms said that with further experience I was going to be a very good teacher. Not just a good teacher, my friends, a very good teacher. He gave me glowing words to type into my report, which complement those given by my supervising teacher Liz. He said I was confident, calm and collected. He said I was well prepared and ordered things well. He basically said I rocked.

Hah. Cue maniacally pleased laughter.

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Loz Cola

Signs you've become too attached to your students...

  • You start crying when you think you're leaving them in two days - despite it meaning you're on holidays.

  • You seriously consider lending your services as a volunteer 'parent' to listen to the children read for the next three weeks - despite it meaning a 125 minute travel for a 20 minute session.

  • You start crying when you think about your year 6 students going to the awful supervising teacher Erica had when they become year 7s next year (I know for a fact that this is happening).

  • Your lip quivers when you think of all the funny or bizarre things your children have said and done.

  • You refer to them as 'your' students.

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