November 17th, 2005

Loz Cola

Bah bah da baaaah...

As yet, no-one has mentioned what I consider to be the worst film ever made. In fact, there may even be a couple of films I don't mind within that list :p.

It should be a quiet day tomorrow - half my class are going to the nearest High School for orientation/initiation day! Only 12 students left!

I got told off for being addicted to the internet today. Bad Erica, bad. I was amused she could tell just by me saying "you know, you could look up maths resources online".

Erica and I also danced together when the kids had their dance lesson. That's right, we did everything they did. Rock and Roll and the Progressive Jive. *snerk* I was the boy and she was the girl. When we swapped partners in the Progressive Jive, I got to dance with kids from my class and hers. Hahaha. Next week she's the boy and I'm the girl, so the lucky boys in the progressive dance will have me >:) :p.

Liz said that she was going to grade me "Very Good" on my report. It goes Unacceptable, Acceptable, Sound, Very Good, Outstanding. Last time, I got "Acceptable" so "Very Good" rocks my world. Also, precious few people would get an "Outstanding", the description of which being "well above that which would reasonably be expected at this stage". "Very Good" means "above that which would reasonably be expected from a pre-service teacher." Acceptable, by the way, meant "performed at a minimum level for this stage".
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Loz Cola


Who's interested in making me a custom journal header?

It should be 760 pixels width by 198 pixels height and themed around one of my fandoms (other than Harry Potter). You might also like to consider my journal colour scheme (as I am not changing it any time soon).

The banner which wins shall be used with glee, and I will even send out a prize in time for the Holiday season.

Either comment with submissions, or email them to lozenger8 at gmail dot com.
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