November 11th, 2005

Loz Cola

Floating in calm waves, silence and motion...

We went to the 11.00 am service for Remembrance/Armistace day today. The kids were pleasantly well-behaved - even the usually troublesome students.

That one student I mentioned in this post appears to be warming up to me. He actually called me by my name today and talked to me. I guess I was too dismissive of my sparkling personality after all. Really I think he's just realised I'm there to help. He's seen how I treat the other students and figures he'll give me a chance. I'm relatively sure the fact I still smile at him and attempt to talk to him even the day after he has been sent home for throwing rocks at people helps too.

I never realised how well liked I could be. People generally don't like me. The thought of 24 young souls seemingly liking and respecting me confounds me. It surprised me last practicum and it continues to surprise me. And they're not the only ones who like me either. It's insane.
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