October 24th, 2005

Loz Canada

Beep bop rigga ra ra rigga shigga shaaaa...

Lessons learnt in teaching sound poetry;

  • These kids need structure. Too much choice is bad, bad, bad.

  • No matter how interesting or cool you try and make it, the same students who wouldn't work on your dull as dishwater content won't work on your innovative content either - this includes writing animal noises. Oh my goodness.

  • Some students may think you are, indeed, insane.

  • Managing time, students and resources may be a personal strength.

  • Planning is wonderful.

My lesson went really rather well. My supervising teacher said I was well organised, in control, and did a good job.

No-one told me that we had another PD session tonight. It was utterly pointless for us student teachers, as it was basically a big sell for a proper Professional Development course for next year. I am knackered and I still have to plan a lesson for tomorrow.
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Loz Cola

Shameless abuse of Livejournal...

If you read this journal there's a fairly high chance you know I am training to be a teacher. There's also a fairly high chance you know I can be a bit insecure. But, for some reason, reading and hearing about good teachers makes me feel better. So now I ask of you;

Who are/were some of the inspirational teachers in your education? Do you have any ideas of the qualities they possessed to make them such?

Alternatively, you can share horror teacher stories.