October 21st, 2005

Loz Cola

Who wants to be a teachernaire?..

This week has been good.

So far I'm still feeling quite positive about being a teacher, but that could be because I have not yet taught the class a lesson (apart from my somewhat disastrous paper folding fractions exercise with my mathematics group where I forgot to mention several things, such as to shade in half the page in any way you like before you hand it up).

On Monday I am teaching poetry. I'm going to be strange and do sound poetry with my little monsters. There are some students in the class who have great difficulty with literacy for various reasons, and sound poetry will give them a chance to try out poetic conventions like rhyme, assonance, alliteration and onomatopoeia whilst not requiring them to attempt to write sentences of words which are perfectly correct. I also hope think that this will engage and motivate the students who would otherwise turn their nose up at ewww, poetry?!

So I'm going to talk about my experience last Writers' Week with sound poetry, play some pieces, perform a piece of my creation (oooh a weekend of 'writing' poetry!) and then get them to create their own. I will have them writing their poems down, but I think even the less studious kids will be for that. Obviously this will be a watered down version of all that sound poetry entails, but you do that with all writing conventions at Primary School really, don't you?

Then on Tuesday and Thursday I'm running lessons on 'Getting Along', part of a preplanned unit called Program Achieve, to promote unity, communication and good-will in the classroom. I've already figured out which students do not 'get along', and I think all students will benefit from this even if it doesn't exactly fascinate them.

Most of the week has been spent listening to the lovelies read and marking their spelling books, talking to them, helping them with small jobs, photocopying, supervising, observing and attempting to win each student over with my dazzling personality.

Despite the fact this school is in an extremely low socio-economic area, with violence and crime common in the students' lives, a sixth of the student population having special needs and opportunities of hearing language in the class and playground that not even the roughest of sailors would say - this practicum has already been ten thousand times better than the last one.
Loz Cola


Here's some information on sound poetry if you have no idea what I'm talking about. Christian Bök is who I saw last year (as part of the Canadian Poetry lecture), he was most wonderful and I think I'm going to play a couple of these sound files for the students. I'm thinking 'and sometimes', some of 'seahorses and flying fish' and 'from motorized razors'.
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