September 26th, 2005

Loz Cola

How lucky am I? I'm young, and I don't even care...

How lucky am I? I'm young, with a few bucks to spare...

It's spring. I shall open my window and let the warming breeze blow into the room. I'll stretch out my arms and take a deep breath. I will forget all my insecurities, problems, loneliness and enjoy being young, and not caring, young, with seventy dollars in my wallet, young and with as much time as I could ever want.
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    Maggie Gyllenhaal - How Lucky am I?
Loz Cola

Some universal truths...

"I nearly threw a fruity at a few people this afternoon" is one of the best phrases ever written, ever.

I really, really love my brother Jeremy. His recent actions definitely make up for all the years he called me a smeghead and claimed I grassed him up for some obvious misdeed of his.

Livejournal can be greatness, especially when certain programs do not work at all.

I can get obsessed easily, and these obsessions rarely leave me. Really.
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