September 17th, 2005

Loz Cola

Life's too short to be with you...

Dear Loz,

Pleased to inform you that on this planet we call home fangirling is an acceptable mode of behaviour. Continue in these actions as you see fit. However, perhaps it would be best if you shut up refrained from fangirling during the middle of the amazing display of sexy prettiness program your parents are trying to watch.

Yours always, Common Sense.
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Loz Cola

Audience participation...

I'm sure we're all aware of that musical artist who appears and performs a song which is wildly popular before disappearing as quickly as they came. Both the song and the artist are often referred to as "One Hit Wonders".

My question is; Who/what are some of your favourite one hit wonders?

Occasionally people we define as "one hit wonders" have two or three hits before disappearing into the unknown. Or they only have massive hits within your range but then continue to be successful elsewhere in the world. These are also applicable.

E.T.A - This is completely unrelated to one hit wonders, but using google's beta version of Blogsearch brought me to an amazing discovery - blogger didn't delete my weblog from way back when - I must just have forgotten the URL! LLL. Loz Ditz moment 198! I've been convinced they deleted it and grumbled as such more than once. Oh much archive reading fun shall ensue, I was really upset when I thought it didn't exist anymore.
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Loz Cola

Why I love journals...

Classic quotes from the Loz circa 2002/2003;

Some are amusingly stupid, some show how little I have changed and some are merely humourous.

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Well, that was fun. I am glad I found it again. I shall never regret the keeping of journals.
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