September 11th, 2005


Gotta kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight...

I went out last night. Ten pin bowling with liani_banks, her boyfriend Nathan, torins and some other people who either don't have LJs or aren't on my friends list (and therefore don't exist). I lost both games. As in, came last out of four players, both times. I couldn't remember how to do it. You swing the ball backwards and then spin around on the spot before hurtling yourself down the lane, yes?

There was some sort of a kafuffle I was not a part of so it ended up just being liani_banks, her boyfriend Nathan, torins and I for the remainder of the evening. We went to the pancake kitchen and I proved beyond reasonable doubt that I will try anything once. Hmmm hmmm maple water is delicious (actually it was disgusting, but as a true professional I completed the maneuvre.) Note to self; when Nathan makes a play to pour maple syrup into your water, do not encourage him and then drink it all in one go.

Then we went to a Karaoke bar, wherein I gave two startlingly bad renditions of songs by myself, and one confused rendition of a song with liani_banks. Before me, torins sang! I've only ever heard him talk-sing before (hilarious and high quality), but this time he actually sang and he has a really pretty voice.

Now it's morning and I am awake.
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Loz Cola

Voices trapped in yearning...

More than one person on my friends list has done this cute little thingymathing;

Go into the archives of my journal and pull out a random quote from some time, some year, and then my job will be to see if I can remember what I was talking about. You tell me if I'm remotely right or wrong.

Nope, I can't peek, and you'll have to trust I won't. :)

Please don't pick a quote that's so random that it could apply to anything, like "feh" or "Damn it!" or something equally general. Pick something that might actually be about something, but not so blatantly about something that I won't have to guess what I'm talking about.

I think I'll remember everything.
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