September 9th, 2005

Loz Cola


Continuing on that interests thing, there was that one questionnaire going around a while ago that you could look at someone's interests and if there were any that you didn't understand or wanted explained, you could ask. So feel free to ask me about any of my interests and then copy this idea so others can ask you about yours.

Also, are there any obvious interests missing from my list which I have expressed in my journal or on forums, but obviously forgotten to add?
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Loz Cola

Free the demons...

So, lately I've been watching due South and Whose Line is it Anyway?, and that is pretty much it as far as television goes (except Paul McDermott is just about to be on Strictly Dancing, so I'll be making my way over to the lounge room for that).

This has completely messed with my mind and now I just keep imagining cross-over episodes with Colin Mochrie in dS and Paul Gross on Whose Line (aided by seeing how he reacts spontaneously thanks to the dS blooper reel) and now I am going insane from fangirlitis.

I know other people who read this watch(ed) Whose Line - so now I ask, favourite moments in the show?
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