August 29th, 2005

Loz Cola

Tried counting sheep, but there's one I always miss...

Anyone who doesn't think unions work would have been surprised by the progress of the Students Union at Flinders Uni. Enough whinging on the Education bulletin boards and emails to our student representatives by irate Education students made some real changes occur at DeCafe, the kiosk area here down at the Education campus, Sturt. Now there are actual prices for the food displayed, better quality coffee and a larger range of products.

I'd almost be proud if I had taken any part in it, but I don't drink coffee (which was the main complaint) and I really thought the other Education students were doing a lot of incredibly rude whinging in an inappropriate place (public bulletin board that many can see). But I guess I was wrong.

Hey, at least now there's standardised pricing on the sandwiches - this does help me, never more annoyed have I been when I've gone to the till only to find out one sandwich is $1 more than another sandwich because it has one extra filling. Though they're still wildly exorbitant.

And this has been Loz, posting from Flinders Uni Sturt Library, Adelaide, South Australia.
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Loz Cola

In a world where teens can date robots...

So, Nick and I had finished watching Mythbusters and had started on Futurama.

Loz: David (X. Cohen, co-developer of F) and Adam (Savage, resident mythbuster) would so be best friends forever.
Nick: Yeah! They are so alike.
Loz: Yep, they'd be all "I love you, in a purely platonic geeky way!"
Nick: Actually, they must totally be the same person... they even sound the same.
Loz: No they don't.
Nick: Yes they do - when they laugh they do.
Loz: The universal laugh of geeks everywhere.
Nick: Hahahahah.

Man we love those guys :D...
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