August 28th, 2005

Loz Cola

The beer don't taste the same without my name painted on my glass...

Hey look, it's morning and I'm feeling great. The only remotely different thing with me is that I slept in the buff. Hah! I win at life. Now I have some sort of benchmark for my constitution I can experiment a little. This is dependant on me having any money in the future.


And hey, lots and lots of people on my friends list are getting drunk. This is brilliant. Actually they do that anyway, but it's still brilliant.

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Loz Cola

It is our choices that define us...

What kind of jerk leaves their chewed gum on the arm of a theatre chair? Really? That - that right there is lack of civil respect. Green disgusting goop over my nice trousers. And ice, it does not seem to be working so well.

Went to see Wedding Crashers. What did others think of it?
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