August 23rd, 2005

Loz Cola

When the house was standing, you'd never have believed it...

Thanks everyone, really, your comments have helped me a lot.

Breathing exercises are being employed as I type :D

I had a strange nightmare last night where my Mum and I set off down one of the nearby streets to go to a pizza place. Now, there isn't actually a pizza place down one of the streets near us, it's all industrial, but minds work in mysterious ways. Mum had been there once before, apparently, and the people were lovely.

We get there, and Mum has this amazingly long argument with the staff because they won't put pineapple on the pizza we want. The staff are not being lovely, and are instead being all condescending, saying what kind of dough they could use, all the other toppings, but not pineapple, oh no. And I suggest we just take the pizza, go to the local supermarket and get a tin of pineapple chunks, but she ignores me and just keeps arguing the point. Eventually she gives up, and we trek off home again, and when we're halfway there, I fall over and the pizza goes topping down into the dirt.

I think the fact this nightmare was so upsetting, scary and downright torturous is what gets me. An innocuous dream with very real fear, sorrow and loathing.
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Loz Cola

Harry Potter Poll

Poll #557328 Potteresque

My thoughts on the larger GoF Trailer more closely resemble...

Oh my goodness, barbeque!
This rocks my socks.
It's terrible and makes it look like a terrible film.
It's terrible but I still think the film will be good.
It's alright, I guess. Sorta. Kinda.
Nothing, as Harry Potter is not my thing.
Pure hatred and anger as Harry Potter is evil.
There's a new trailer? I haven't seen it!
Loz Cola

O, it came o'er my ear like the sweet sound...

Title: If music be the food of love...
Rating: G
Fandom: due South
Character: Benton
Word Count: 300 words (tiny... and I'm sure you're all starting to notice and get impressed that I manage to write stories which are rounded to the nearest hundred or fifty)
Notes: The first line came to me, and somehow the whole small story built up around it. It doesn't have to be due South fan fiction. It could stand on its own quite happily. But when I wrote it, when I imagined it, it was Benton - before Chicago, before any Ray, even before Victoria. I, by the way, have a favourite song. It's "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. Oh, and the title is of course the first line to Twelfth Night, also a favourite of mine.

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This story will keep your eyes moving...

I stole this title from here, a terrible Harry Potter fan fic summary list which grrliz linked to, and which has been amusing me for little snippets of the day.

My other personal favourite in that summary list was "A normal girl (not really) turns out to be a you-know-thing (no, you don't know) & helps the marauders get the you-know-what (well, you don't that either) from you-know-where (or that)."

I believe, that in order to be a very good writer, you have to read some very bad writing as well. This is so you can get a good sense of what the other side is like, and do your very best to shy away from that. Of course, ultimately, you have to write in a style that is natural to you. This takes experimentation.

Word. The final frontier. To boldly write what no person has written before. Which, you know, includes split infinitives and sentence fragments...