August 19th, 2005

Loz Cola

Today has been an exciting day...

I woke up. I performed my ablutions. I set off for Uni. I arrived at Uni. I had English. I went to the Library. I finished my Science assignment. I printed my maths and my science assignments. I handed them up. I set off home. Halfway home I stopped to buy sweets in the city. I set off home again. I got home. I got on the computer. I'm eating said sweets.

I'm glad I finished those assignments. They were 750 words each, but absolute bitches. "Define critical numeracy. Show how you might teach it in a classroom with two articles or advertisements" and "Write an article for a School Newsletter about the teaching of science at an imaginary R-10 school, include the knowledges, attitudes and skills students will gain from science"
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