August 17th, 2005

Loz Cola

It's all over but the crying...

Post a comment and I'll reply later today with which song I know/like that reminds me of you.*

*this idea may or may not be stolen from one of the Jessicas on my friends list.
(p.s = this Icon is so cheap romance novel cover, I love it.)
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Loz Cola

Recapture the beauty that brought us here...

First of all;

Someone deliberately wrote disgusting keywords into Google so it would come up on auto completion on the University computers. Amusingly evil.


I was tagged! You're supposed to complete 10 things you love and then tag 5 people.

Ten things I love Collapse ). I tag foolieonthehill, sansenmage, thethirdman, torins and liani_banks.


I'm back to loving the fan community again. Sometimes it can be sharing and caring and basically lovely. I love sharey carey fans (as opposed to Mariah Carey fans who must disappear off the face of the earth...)


Just filling out the songs people remind me of now... :)