August 16th, 2005

Loz Cola

My fandom needs its own mansion...

What's this? I have 100 userpics to play with?



[zombie Loz] This is most excellent. Now I can have all my fandoms to attack people with, and more Loz icons, I can upload some old ones. Ooh brains. And I have to remind myself to actually use them. Brains brains brains. I do wish they'd provided a way of submitting multiple userpics at a time though. [/zombie Loz]
Loz Cola

Iconitis in extreme close-up...

My finger is sore from the clicking involved in uploading Icons. And now I have so many to choose from I'm starting to go into some kind of shock. So many pictures. And I still want more. I still have room for more.

I was thinking through all of the things I want.
So far I figure I desprately need Icons which represent my love of;

Many characters on Angel.
Many characters on Buffy.
Harry Potter (there's really not that many).
Something Star Trek related.

I'm beginning to realise I'm a fan of many, many things. Even with 100 icons, there's no way to efficiently convey this (especially since I have a couple of themes revolving around my current obsessions). Such torment.
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Loz Cola

And she still appears to be writing...

Title: Special
Rating: G
Word Count: 480
Fandom: None, it's not fandom related at all.
Notes: I don't really know why I wrote this, but it came to me in a flash of inspiration and I didn't want to lose it. Oh, and it is written from a male perspective but probably doesn't have to be read that way.

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Loz Cola

I'd like to thank my mom, Reese Witherspoon, Gud...

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