August 15th, 2005

Loz Cola

No sweeping exits or offstage lines...

The morning lectures were fine, fine, quite amusing really, didn't involve much brainpower, and were enhanced during the duller periods by nice creative daydreams.

Now the calm before the... rather boring mathematics workshop.

My exciting life excites me. At least there's BsG to look forward to when I get home. Ey up, better stop pre-emptively drooling, they don't appreciate that in Flinders' Sturt Library.

I'd like it stated for the record that not only has all this tv-show watching in my free time got me back into writing, it's research for if I ever write my own show.
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Loz Cola

More writing! My fandom is addictive...

*ahem* Yes. Short fiction and episode discussion.

Title: The Lure of Ladyshoes
Rating: PG? Hmm, maybe M-15+?
Fandom: due South (that's right - fic number 3! Bwahahah!)
Characters: Benton/Denny
Word Count: 500 words!
Notes: In episode "Odds", from the fourth season, one of my all time favourite actresses and sex-on-legs Stephanie Romanov (Lilah from Angel) makes a guest appearance as Denny "Ladyshoes" Scarpa, a poker player, who attempts to manipulate Fraser into helping her, with him seemingly complying. So there was Stephanie Romanov, Paul Gross and Callum Keith Rennie in this episode. I almost died. Sadly, not much action actually occurs between Benton and Denny, which I thought was a real shame.

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