December 21st, 2004

Loz Cola

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Oh yes, my obsessive fandom can resume now that I have Futurama Season 1 on DVD :). Already watched the first four episodes (of which I'd only seen one, and that was years ago) and the commentaries for them.

I also got a gorgeous blue topaz necklace (to go with my blue topaz ring), Buffy Season 4 part 1 (thethirdman hisses), Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events books 1, 2 and 3 (vovat smiles), a brilliant collection of short horror/ghost stories by Dickens, H.G Wells, and other fantastic authors, a green dress shirt, perfume (and it's so nice! I usually hate perfume but this one's lovely), bath stuff, and $25 to spend how I choose. My parents, Nana and brothers spoil me so :).
Loz Cola

Thanks :)

Thankyou very much to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday. Obviously it was rather enjoyable.

Apart from that I have nothing interesting to say. I don't know, I really have to actually start looking for a job instead of constantly saying I need one. I think I've proved to myself I can really handle pressure, I know I'm good at multi-tasking. I'm not bad at various things, and I can do the work set me.

I just need to convince someone else that, and need not fear rejection. Yeah, that's it. Because I need a job. I need experience in the work force. And cash. And to meet new people face to face.

OOOH! Almost forgot. I got a letter from the Education department of Flinders telling me I have to go to my local police station after enrollment for my course and fill out several forms so that the University can use the information the police gather when they do a check on me. I didn't realise I'd have to sign forms and things for that to happen. I'm not worried, I have no prior convictions, suspicions, or blatantly illegal activity in my past. Still, it worried me for the minute I read it, it all looked a little complicated.
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Loz Cola

Insane ramblings of a something, something...

Life moves on, people change.

Sometimes it seems odd that what was once funny now induces tears, and what was once a moment of great pain can seem trivial. Yet it happens.

I'll admit that I don't like change. I may change my mind. I may have change in my wallet. Hell, I may even have changed myself. But I don't like it... not if it happens in one giant move, as opposed to a series of small bearly noticable ones.

Well, I did say that this post was the insane ramblings of a something, something, and I wasn't wrong.

Ramble ramble.
Loz Cola

Yeah, July 16... December 25, April and March, whatever...

The magic of music to describe how I am feeling.

Artist Cake
Album Pressure Chief
Song Waiting

So we think that we're important
And we think that we make sense
And we think there's something better on the other side of this fence
And you can soak your bread in gravy
You can soak your bread in soup
But the car that you are driving doesn't really belong to you
So you know you'll always be waiting
Always be waiting
For someone else to call
Yeah you know you'll always be waiting
Always be waiting
I say always be waiting
And you can soak your bread in water
You can soak your bread in wine
It can seem like you are living like you're having a real good time
And you can do it to your conscience
You can do it all the time
You can do it with a vengeance in the morning after nine
But you know you'll always be waiting
Always be waiting for someone else to call
Yeah you know you'll always be waiting
Always be waiting
I say always waiting
I say always be waiting