December 17th, 2004

Loz Cola


Before I get into the deep analysis it's time for me to whinge and scream about BsG 2004 not airing again until January 3rd! SHITE! I was counting on this show to entertain me for the next couple of weeks!

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Loz Cola

I'm walkin' on sunshine... wooaah ooooh oooh...

I'm goin' out tonight. Gonna exchange christmas gifts.

I didn't have to compromise. Amy's lovely really. She immediately said we should do it tonight, even though she wanted to go to the Police Carols thingy. I said we could still go, but she didn't want to anymore, I think she compromised instead.

So, should be fun :).

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Loz Cola


I am sorry for the swearing, and the caps. But I just got my results.

I GOT A GOOD GRADE, I got Honours Second Class Division A (H2A)

I cannot believe this. This is amazing. I thought I was getting Third Class - H3.

I am so happy I am crying. It's been worth it. I got a good grade. I'm better than I think I am. Oh my GOD. for info and why I am crying tears of joy.