December 13th, 2004

Loz Cola

Who wants to love forever?


Callam, who may also be referred to as Picko, Cal, That Mean Boy! and the ever popular FunkySlug (I don't know why I started calling him this one actually), is probably one of my oldest friends on my LJ list. We started talking immediately after I joined Hogsmeade on CoSForums. The reasons Callam rocks my socks are really quite simple - he's lovely, sweet and caring. Now you may not want to hear this, because he has a long and valued reputation as a mean mean teasing machine - he's openly nasty to many people - but there's also a side of him which is exactly the opposite. This is a person who does copious amounts of volunteer work, who listens to you when you have problems, and actually cares when you're not happy. Add to this Cal's hilariously twisted sense of humour, which is equal parts absurdist and parody, his genuine talent for cheering you up, his great debating skills, and his general good taste in movies and tv shows (he's not super interested in music), you have yourself a very complex but cool person. We disagree on lots of things, it's fun to do so mostly because we can argue tooth and nail for hours, but we agree on much more. I really love Cal as a friend. I don't want to be considered one of his many! teenage admirers (because let's face it, I'm not a teen anymore) but I felt it must be said.
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Loz Cola

I wasn't broke for Christmas...

Much love even for those who never commented;

What can I say about Meli, whose CoS username is WhiteSlash but who has always been, and will always be Meli to me (short for Melissa)? I can say lots of things. She has the best taste! She's an even bigger fangirl than I am (and that's just cool) and she's really sweet and enthusastic. Meli is zany and fun, but she isn't afraid to look at the big picture and see the world. She's conscientious and caring. I look forward to a bright future when I think of people like Meli growing older and taking over the world.

I'm not sure if I should ever refer to this member by their previous name (were there threats? :D) but suffice it to say that Meena is now known as Chrysalis on CosForums. I remember thinking "wow, this member is so funny!" when I first started owling her, but then I also realised she has a deep sensitive side too. She has strong opinions and isn't afraid to share them, and I think that takes an honesty and a courage which most people don't have. I agree with much of her taste of music, and she's passionate about it too - which rocks my socks! We love the same book (1984!) and obviously we're both Harry Potter fans (though I think she may be a LotR fan too!).

Uhmm... he's an amazing inspiration, a brilliant leader, funny, smart, talented and has great taste. 'Nuff said (because I'd go on for hours and that would be embarrassing).

I have to say a little something about my good friend in Adelaide! Even if the last time we actually saw each other was February (my fault!). Simon is fantastic. He's loyal. He's caring. We used to spend hours upon hours chatting. He's a great instrumentalist (and I'd pick one instrument usually, but he plays many), and he's actually really awesome at speak singing too! He introduced me to the song "Cows with Guns" - something my brother will never forgive him for. He has a very cool taste in music, computer games and film (or one that's similar to mine, which is of course very cool). He's the master organiser. And he's really selfless. A great friend.

lani really used to scare me, then he stopped scaring me, and now he scares me again :p. lani was really one of the first people to make me feel cool on CoSForums, so I will never forget that. I think he's amazing. Once again I could go on for hours, so, simply... he rocks!

Helen! I really like and respect Helen, so even if we don't chat much, I still felt the need to write a little about her. I think one thing that impresses me most about Helen is her ability to create strong friendships. She's really passionate, and it shows. She's also incredibly talented, in a variety of ways. I know that she's going to be whatever she wants to be, because she's determined, strong-minded and skilled.

The most hard working person in the world. This young man is brilliant - really really brilliant! He's not only amazingly talented and skilled, but he's a lovely person too. You'd think someone with as much obvious potential as him would have an ego the size of Jupiter, but he's so modest! Ali's also super caring, and good with the advice. You can tell he's a marvellous friend. Once more, this post will be a ridiculous size if I continue on how great I think he is...

Áine or Liselle, is absolutely adorable. I love Owling and commenting with her. She's so witty and always seems to notice things which other people miss. She has fantastic taste in all things. Áine is also one of the most friendly people you will ever meet. She's zany and crazy, but she's also super smart. I can't remember if we only started talking because of our love of Hornblower, or if we discovered that after we were already friends - but either way, she's one of my fellow Harry Potter and Hornblower fan friends (along with raeredeyes!) and that's the best kind of fan to be.

Annie is wonderful. I've only met her this last month, but I can say with absolute certainty that she's definitely someone you'd want to be friends with. She's funny, deep, quick witted. She has the most awesome interests and fandoms. She's one of the only people I know who can chat about voice actors happily with me. She's so knowledgeable! We've had some amazingly amusing conversations about the Zapper, which make me giggle when I think about them, and I know more are to come. Shappyshaps has the best Icons, and I love her username!

:) If I didn't write about you, it doesn't mean I don't love you... it just means I'm lazy and should be hit hard in the kneecaps with a rubber baseball bat.
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