December 12th, 2004

Loz Cola

In which Loz says;

We had a power outage last night. It just went!

Many apologies to the lovely people I was chatting with when that happened. Didn't think it would be wise to keep the computer on in case there was an electrical surge!

Edit to say: I'd like to add to the motion that Burton is on drugs (I believe Meli said that first) and also say - Johnny Depp actually looks really kinda creepy in that film. Really. I mean, Gene Wilder always creeped me out too but - Johnny can't look creepy. He's lovely.
Loz Cola

Let there be birds to sing in the trees...


digapony, also known as Mad Magic, and Maggie, is someone I really respect and look up to. She's always shown herself to act in other people's best interests. She's really, really, sweet and supportive. Even if she isn't happy herself, she'll still help someone else in need. She's also really funny and not afraid to be silly on occasion, which I think is fantastic. Her beatlemania puts mine to shame (hey, I didn't even know her LJ name was a Beatles reference until three months ago) and she has great taste in everything!
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Loz Cola

Chili con carne, and sparkling champagne...


Yavanna, who may on occasion be known as Carrie - and actually had a very different name (something like gryffindor21hp) on CoSForums at one stage, is another LotR fan! I tell you, these LotR fans always make me feel like I'm missing out on something big. Carrie is probably the most concerned about her grades than anyone else I know, but doesn't need to be because she's intelligent, hard working and dedicated. She always has something interesting or informative to say, she's good at both Maths (what she's studying) and Literature (I mean - you have to be to be able to wade through Tolkien ;) ), and she's really fun and funny too.
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Loz Cola

Let there be wind, occasional rain...


Hey, I wrote a lot about what I thought of this lovely young lady when I nominated her for fan club! Poopinskipoodle (difficult to spell, fun to say), who may also be called by the names Mad Macca or Jess/Jesso/Jessosaurus, is one of the most fun and amusing people I know. She always knows how to cheer people up and put a smile on their face, and she constantly brightens the world with her energy and enthusiasm. She is also really caring, has a good head on her shoulders, has amazing potential to achieve whatever she sets her mind on - and is someone I think should be taken more seriously on occasion (because it's ever so easy to think she's always crazy all the time). Jess is conscientious and kind, broad knowledged - and has the best taste in music! I, like many other people, love Jess!
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Loz Cola

Let there be oysters under the sea...


Jinxie Cat can also be known as OreoCookie05... Oh, sorry, I mean Gabriella... No... No... Gabby. :D Gabby is fantastic because she can be crazy and responsible, both at the same time. She has a great taste in tv shows (The Simpsons!), and books (Harry Potter!) but to be honest, I'm not sure about her taste in music... I hear whisperings of Britney associated with her name... In all fairness, the truly lovely thing about Gabby is that she can take a joke. She can also be extraordinarily professional, and even if she doesn't agree with you, she'll respect your opinion. She's really head strong, and believes in her convictions - and these are both brilliant things I think.
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Loz Cola

Let there be you, let there be me...


Sherlock, a.k.a Anthony, is an inspiring person. He is a truly wonderful friend, and even though we've never chatted, and even rarely Owl each other, I feel like I can say that because he has said some extraordinarily helpful things in his comments to me. He always makes me feel good about myself, or like someone cares - and considering we haven't chatted for hours and hours I find this incredibly special. As well as having a dry wit and great intelligence, he's supportive, sweet, and respectful. We may have different political views, religious views, views on this that or the other, but that doesn't matter at all because I know he accepts my opinion and I respect him greatly. Anthony is a wonderful example of someone with a balanced and fair outlook on life. In short he is a fantastic role model for all.
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Loz Cola

Let there be love...


Sansenmage is someone I met through LJ! A fellow Hornblower fan, I actually think she added me first, which brought a smile to my face. If I'm mistaken and I added her first, it was probably because I absolutely adore her drabbles at hh100. She's also liberal with the comments. Sansenmage got me into Sharpe! And we share a love of Weezer! We have a lot in common, actually. It's always lovely reading her comments and Livejournal posts because she always makes me think, giggle (unless being serious) and respond. Sansenmage is a fantastic writer, whether that be fiction, LJ posts or just chatting. She's knowledgable, cultured and oh so amusing! Not to mention she's really caring and helpful too. She has fantastic taste, and I feel very lucky to be able to have got to know her. I don't think she knows how much I value her as a friend.
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