November 20th, 2004

Loz Cola

It's almost like being 12 again...

Today was spent looking for a birthday present for Amy's boyfriend from me. That was difficult. I had no idea what to get him, and Amy was similarly perplexed.

Then we decided to go see The Polar Express.

Then we had Cold Rock ice cream. I had chocolate with mini m&m's mix-ins (I didn't have any red m&ms, and I wasn't sure if I was upset, or whether I now had a more free conscience).

The Polar Express was actually good. I liked it. The animation was mostly brilliant. The movement in some cases was a bit worrying because of how stiff it was. And some of the texturing was a little too perfect skin-wise. But apart from that - good to look at. Whether or not it was worth the amount of money is debatable. Hey, they could have spent some of that extra money on more voice actors! Tom Hanks was something like 5 characters. Oh, he did a great job... but you could have had different voices done by different actors you know.
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Loz Cola

The "I love Joe Dante" post...

OK, so you probably know of Joe Dante because he directed Gremlins. But he also directed Small Soldiers (which everyone else seems to hate but I love), he was also creative consultant and director on Eerie Indiana, and most recently he directed the flop that was Looney Tunes: Back in Action. I just love his work. I like his fantasy elements, the odd humour, and the fact he almost always casts Dick Miller, Archie Hahn and Don and Dan Stanton (basically his auteur quirkyness). But I feel I am alone, as his films continue to fail.