November 14th, 2004

Loz Cola

In which Loz confesses...

I still have work to do for English Honours.

I've been watching my DVDs.

And listening to music.

And doing the washing up.

And pretty much anything else imaginable.

I feel mentally drained. I just don't think I can get the words out. I've tried to start this stuff time and time again. But it's never happened. And if I don't do this work - doing the Thesis and all of the other stuff will add to nought. So I know I should do it. I stare at the screen willing myself to do it.
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Loz Cola

Wherein Loz continues to confess...

The best thing to do when you have important work, of course, is to have cute email banterage with the boy in the long black coat, despite the fact he also has work due...

And feel absolutely no guilt.
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Loz Cola


Hey, I posted this as soon as I added this member - but I just realised it didn't get through (mutter... ramble) ... so sorry!

Happy welcomes to magicceilingfan! It's fantastic to have a new Livejournal user I can hypnotise and bend to my will... :D ...
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