November 13th, 2004

Loz Cola

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Ramble crap, ramble crud, I've got rambling crazy blood - am I mad? To be sure! I'm madder than you could ask for - watch out - coz it's insomniac LOOOOOOOZZZZZZZZ!

*grumble mutter* I need goddamned sleep.
Loz Cola

To be a "Geek" or a "Nerd" is the new "Cool"...

I wonder if anyone else is noticing this - but open geekiness and nerdy behaviour are accepted more readily than flawless fashion, sports jockery and partying ways. To be "with it" you need to have an obsessive fandom (Like LotR, Star Wars, etc) know all sorts of pop culture references (not just The Godfather) and be perfectly happy to talk about these things. Sure - flawless fashion, sports jockery and partying ways still exist - but they're even being incorporated into hitherto "geeky" "dorky" and "nerdlinger" activities.

Maybe I'm thinking this just because most of the people I hang out with (online and offline) are like this - but my brother in High School is finding the same thing. He's liked because he's a Star Wars/Trek/Gate geek, a Futurama and Simpsons fan, and able to quote/provide examples from said things... not because he's a party-goer, or sports person. His nerdy tendencies are praised among the popular crowd (of which he belongs) - yet when I was in High School (not that long ago) he would have been treated like scum... like I was...

It may just be another stereotype, and just another fad... and the new subset of losers are people who doesn't understand what you're saying when you say "use the force" or "man, my teacher is like a hobbit or something..." but hell, I prefer it.
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