October 31st, 2004

Loz Cola

All Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween everyone :)

Just for you I have this extra scary pic. At the back there is Treasurer Peter Costello and at the front Prime Minister John Howard. An old picture, but it gave me both a laugh and a terrified shiver when I found it in my files.

Hope you all have fun. I'm planning on buying lots of sweets. No kids come around on Halloween over here so they're all for me.
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Loz Cola


Quote of the day on imdb is from one of the many Dracula films (actually it's the Bela Lugosi one).

Fate? Who can say... !?!

Also, do you think it's possible to love someone purely for their speaking and singing voice - or, at least, to have this be the main reason you like them.

I know there's a hilarious episode of Black Books where Fran is turned on by this jerk's voice (Peter Serafinowicz)... but that's comedy.

Do you think it's possible in real life?
Loz Cola


Well, it's complete.

It's finished.


And there I was thinking this day would never come.

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