October 27th, 2004

Loz Cola


More than once I've wondered what I'd have to say if I didn't amuse myself with actors, television, film and music.

The answer, I suspect, is very little indeed. There would be no point in keeping an LJ. Little reason for me to go online.

I don't know why, but this both gives me a sense of satisfaction and a sense of social inferiority.
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Loz Cola


When your favourite actor actually emails you back to say thanks for congratulating him, can there be any wonder that you love him so?

Now if only Jamie would join the wonderful world of allowing fans to email him directly, the universe would be a much happier place. (Though I hazard to guess he'd get even more bombarded than Jas)


I've finished my Dracula chapter and I have 2 hours to work on my conclusion! Woooo!

Note to self: I love you! I know it's egotistical, but I do. You're a doll.
Loz Cola

Weird People Live In Adelaide - The Sequel


You may remember an incident a few months ago (June) in which an old man came up to me at the bus stop and slurred "Madam, are you a Catholic?" to which I emphatically replied "no".

Today at the bus stop, what should happen, but the very same man come up and ask this question in the exact same manner, except this time I was a "Miss" (today I have acne). This time, also, I did not dignify the query with words, I simply shook my head.

He did not shuffle away calling "save yourself" as before, but most amusingly, he did go up to another girl, asking what one presumes was the same question.

I have decided that next time I see him, if he asks, that I shall say "yes" and wait for his response.