October 26th, 2004

Loz Cola

For those who were wondering...;

Our oven actually got over the melted green plastic adventure okay. The stuff came out without much fuss. I think it realised we didn't want it. Later on that evening we all had a good laugh and Nick learnt the valuable lesson of thinking before doing.

He says thanks for the kind comments, though. I was surprised he wasn't angry at me for posting about it, but he's a good kid.


So - my Thesis is due next Monday and after that I'll have two other projects, but after that I'll be free. I cannot wait. I serious can't. And I don't give a toss what marks I get. I just want this schoolyear to be over so I can prepare for next year. I need to bone up on my mathematics skills because, unless it involves money, even my simple maths skills leave a lot to be desired. Not quite as bad as thinking four plus four equals nine, but something terribly close.
Loz Cola


Linda: How's the Dracula chapter coming?
Loz: You want the honest answer?
Linda: Yes. How many thousands do you have now?
Loz: Thousands?
Linda: Yes.
Loz: (running with hands in the air) Woop! wuh wuh woop woop woop woop.

Ahh, Dr. Zoidberg you've taught me so well.

Yes, I really did that. Linda is my mother. She worries about my mental health.