October 17th, 2004

Loz Cola

Songs that have made me cry...

This idea was blatantly stolen from mar9en...

Songs that have made me cry.

  • The Beatles - The Long and Winding Road. This song has made me teary... but actually only when I was singing it.

  • All By Myself - Another song that has made me cry when singing it, not listening. I don't mind the Celine Dion version (I am shuddering saying that), but I prefer the Jamie O'Neal version.

  • Queen - Don't Stop Me Now. I'm not entirely sure what it was. I was bouncing about all happy, and then broke down in tears. It was probably thinking about Freddie which did it. I very nearly cried of laughter watching the cleverly choreographed scene to this song in Shaun of the Dead too.

  • Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever. Freddie induced for sure. Also, the general concept of the song is too sad. Even if it does have Highlander connections.

  • Shirley Bassey - This is My Life. Oh yes. When I was in my final year of high school this was my anthem. The most beautiful power ballad. Actually, you need to check out the lyrics. This is My Life

  • The Corrs - Hurt Before. It's a sad song, and in many ways relevant.

  • Michael Bublé - That's All. It has to be his version. I cried because I imagined what I'd be like if he ever sang that to me. Then got the evil reality check he never ever would. Sad but true.

In contrast to mar9en, I actually do cry rather a lot... I'm a sap. But obviously not every time I listen to music, and not everytime I listen to these songs. As should be clear, I don't necessarily cry because the songs inherently induce that sort of emotional reaction either...
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