October 16th, 2004

Loz Cola

Music Again!

It's become pretty obvious to me that certain musical groups and solo artists are massive jokes as regards some of my LJ friends... and sometimes it's hard to tell if someone's being sarcastic when they say they like someone, or if they genuinely like them.

So please tell me; which musical act is nothing more than a talentless joke?
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    Anastacia (Rage - Oz Music Video Show)
Loz Cola

Float down stream...

I actually went out today, in the sun. It was good. I went on a picnic with Amy (one of the anonymous commenters in my journal, if you've ever had a good look). She has her own forum and her own forum groupies - and there's actually a whole bunch of them in Adelaide! They were really nice. It made me miss CoS even more of course, and feel a little sad that it's likely I'll never sit with my brit or american CoSfriends in a group and just chat. Like in the CoSForums movie (well, how the original was supposed to be, lol). That would be too fun.

I also went to see Shaun of the Dead. I LOVED IT so much. I'd read so much about it I felt sure it wouldn't live up to expectations. But it did. It's bloody fantastic. Great concept, great storyline, great dialogue. Dylan Moran! Weeee! Bill Nighy! Weeee! Brilliant performances in general! Weeee! Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are geniuses!

Actually, this needs a special smiley -
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