October 2nd, 2004

Loz Cola

Give me a smile but I'll scowl back at you...

My computer may or may not be working now. It hasn't done the same things it did before, that has to be a plus.

Meanwhile I'm narked off with the world. I've made a mental list of all the crud in my life and at the moment the crud outweighs the good.


1. My Dad had a stroke, and is sometimes so angry and irritable he makes you want to scream.
2. You can't just tell someone who's just had a stroke to shove off when he says you haven't done anything and you do everything all the time.
3. I have no money. Seriously. I just discovered that when I turn 21 I don't get extra Study money from the government like my parents thought.
4. I also have no time for anything that resembles joy.
5. I'm still nowhere near finished with my Thesis - due November 1. I'm more than sick of it.
6. I have housework. Lots and lots of housework. All the time. I cannot be bothered with domestication.
7. I'm CoSless. Alternatively I miss the friends I would usually chat to outside of CoS too.
8. I'm somehow thinking no-one really cares if I'm gone from CoS or not.
9. I'm HH100less. I want to read and write drabbles but it always seems like an effort.
10. I'm "Friendless. Loveless. Hopeless."
11. This election I'm voting for the lesser of two evils. I hate John Howard, but I'm also not fond of Mark Latham. So that's it. I won't vote for who I believe in, because I don't believe in anyone who's running. But yegads Latham has to be better than Howard is. I've agreed with one, that's right, one thing Howard has done in his term as Prime Minister.
12. Howard's still going to get in, I can feel it.
13. I'm turning 21 in December and still never been kissed or so much as looked at by a male. Also only ever been remotely interested in one male.
14. All of my favourite tv-shows have disappeared.


1. I have a roof over my head.
2. I'm not starving.
3. I don't have any deadly diseases or disorders.
4. Next year I may actually be working my way towards a vocation which shall earn me money.
5. My family is close and even if we rant at each other we ultimately love each other.
6. Thesis due in a month. Then the summer's my own. It doesn't really matter what mark I get, because I have a secured spot in my degree next year.
7. I have a TV and a computer of my own, even if the computer doesn't work all the time.
8. I have really great friends.

That's it. Meh. I have to go do the drying up.