July 30th, 2004

Loz Cola

Contemplating Time

I often wonder what interests me more, the past or the future. Often I'd have to say it's the past. I rarely read books written within the past century except for historical fiction, texts I have to read for class, or various young adult fictions.

Yet I am so entrenched in modern technology. I want an Ipod, I want the latest DVD recorders, or digital television, the fastest computer, or whatever is going to come after these objects. I like the idea of certain technological advances.
Loz Cola

True story!

Our cat is stuck up in the tree outside. It's the tree that adorns the pavement, so not on our property. It's a banksia, tall and thin. The stupid bugger is right up near the top mewing for his life. He can climb but he can't climb back down.

Enter height-terrified Loz - climbing tree as she is the tallest member of the family without bad back, reaching with broom attached to bo stick attempting to shove cat off branch so it can be extracted.

Enter car - driving by, seeing Loz in all her pyjama'd tree-climbing glory.


Cat still up tree. Family perplexed. Loz sitting typing this for her LJ, attempting to hatch new plan.
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