July 24th, 2004

Loz Cola

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The production of Wizard of Oz wasn't too bad. My "they're kids, give them a break" shoes were on, so I didn't start criticising everything in sight. I just sat back and watched. There were some really good moments in the play, and some of the young actors/singers were very good. I still hate those songs.

I only just heard about the new P&P movie (yes I have been living in a cave) and I have to say I'm ambivalent towards it. It seems risky, creating a new version only 9 years after the BBC mini-series that was simply too good, with casting, with plot progression, with everything. I admit I have serious reservations as to the casting of Keira Knightley. I don't mind her as an actor, I think she has some skill, but I think we're being bombarded with Miss Knightley. She's in everything, and this is annoying. I think a good actor should rest and allow the public to miss them a little as opposed to oversaturating the market. I don't think she's right for the part of Elizabeth. Other actors completely rule, though. Some good casting there.

Also, this is a film isn't it - not a mini-series, so it's going to be difficult to compare it to the beloved P&P of 1995. It would be easier to compare it to the original 1940 film with Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier, to which point it may come up the victor because that film strays from the book like no other (as enjoyable as it is).

I guess we'll see. It's not to be released until next year.

Anyway, that's it I think.
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Loz Cola

Live on through fond remembrances...

I shall confess to being a rabid old British Comedy fan. I've been looking up some of my old favourites and positively weeping that some amazing actors have now gone. This was all prompted by watching one of our DVDs of Dad's Army, which if you don't know was a program that ran from 1968 - 1977 (and has continued in reruns ever since) about the aging Home Guard during WW2 starring some very old yet much revered actors. These are the sorts of shows that no matter how many times you see them never fail to produce a laugh. They don't make them like they used to, and it's a shame. They'll live on through fond remembrances.
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