July 6th, 2004

Loz Cola


Anyone who knows poetry -

What macabre poem can I discuss and compare with Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" and Robert Browning's "The Laboratory"... I want one not written by either of these two writers - but from around the same period (mid-1800s).


Also, Cold Mountain is out on DVD tomorrow, so I am doing the film question for historical fictions after all.
Loz Cola

Sharpe News!

So I forgot to say earlier - guess what I found? That's right - Sharpe videos! (evil laughter)

Despite being an absolute pile of rubbish in every other situation - my local video store actually had Sharpe. I cannot quite comprehend how this is so, all I know is I'm a happy camper. Seriously - this store which has been known to not have any versions of A Midsummer Nights Dream, or Band of Brothers, or anything - had Sharpe. ?! Also, they are videos, not DVDs mores the pity. I shall not complain, however, I shall merely enjoy.

Being the odd thing I am, I started with 13 - Sharpe's Justice (I had to, you understand). I really liked it! A lot! I found myself very interested, absorbed and entertained - and if that's how I am when Sharpe's in Yorkshire, imagine how I'll be when I start from the beginning and the action is more - full of action!

Whilst slow in moments (and coming into the situation not knowing anything about Richard, Jane or any of that didn't help), it was well acted, with good costumes and sets. I liked the plotline, though there seemed to be some inconsistencies (I'm not sure if that's merely because I don't have the background knowledge). It was also nicely scripted yet had the occasional corny moment that all historical period pieces should contain (that part with Sharpe and Lady Anne - "I'll take you" made me almost die of laughter!). Also it had Alexis Denisof as well as Sean Bean and Philip *furtive look*, which is just too cool!

Oh, I did get very upset when a certain thing happened...


All in all, I have to say I'm a fan already. Now to find the money and time to rent Sharpe's Rifles... where I should have begun in the first place.