June 22nd, 2004

Loz Cola

Too many updates...

I know I have been updating far too much.

I just wanted to say thanks. It's the support of you kind people who read and/or comment in my LJ, or send me Owls, or write fanfiction I can relax with, or whatever it is you do. It's you. You're lovely.
Loz Cola

Ozzie music...

Australian music rocks. Some of it is just such great stuff. I've spent the morning and afternoon listening to Alex Lloyd, John Farnham (I love love love John Farnham), Jet, Ben Lee, george, John Butler Trio (hehe, Jess), Magic Dirt, Grinspoon, Crowded House, Lotel... a rather eclectic bunch. Actually, some New Zealand bands take my fancy too.

Australasian music rocks...
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    Jet - Look What You've Done
Loz Cola

Stolen from thethirdman

What Kind of 80s One Hit Wonder Are You
Were you alive in the 80s?
Do you remember anything before 1985?
Solo or Band?
Your 80s band name is The Root Beer Floats
Your sound like The Vapors
But you wish you were more like Billy Idol
You play the Drum Machine
You're remembered for Your strange uncomprehendable accent
Probablity of a VH1 comeback special - 94%
This Quiz by thethirdman - Taken 3 Times.
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Loz Cola


Only Fools and Horses Series 1 is available DVD (and Series 2 is currently out of stock - but there) and the latest Poirot telemovies are coming onto the ABC (one of which with the delectable Paul McGann), yes! My little Britonozzie heart is all aflutter.
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Loz Cola


Okay... here we go again.

Recommend to me:

1. A musical act - solo or group, that you think I will like.
2. A TV show.
3. A Film.
4. A fairly short fanfic.
5. A website...

You don't have to recommend all 5 things...

Thanks :D