June 10th, 2004

Loz Cola

More poetry...


fit of passion eyes ablazing
getting tangled words perplexed
losing sight of all important
no devising plans nor context

heart full pumping mad and crazing
finding things aren't quite so easy
shades of grey not pitch and whitewash
doctrines little spurted soundly

hard determination razing
feeling anguish overtake you
out against the false cried notion
that the world is just askew

lost and lonely will unfazing
trying not to lose control now
difficulty in the stillness
rid the mind of strength avowed

fit of passion eyes ablazing
heart full pumping mad and crazing
hard determination razing
lost and lonely will unfazing

In my endless stuggle to try something different, this is trochaic tetrameter. It suits the strong accentual feel I wanted to project in describing overwhelming temper taking hold. There's no punctuation to add to the ambiguity of certain lines.

It's certainly different from my usual voice, but I'm not entirely sure that's a good thing. I suppose if you find most of your poetry being self-reflexive joking iambic, that means something. My natural persona is one of wit (or silly humour) as opposed to anger, depth, sorrow, passion. I am superficial, hollow. Still, writers experiment, it's part of our nature.
Loz Cola


So, today I actually spent a rather large time messing about with my brother's camera.

Remember how I pointed out my Buffy and Harry dolls in the picture of my DVDs? There's a little story behind them.

2 years ago, thinking I'd love it my younger brother bought me these rather expensive mini-Harry Potter dolls for Christmas. I did love them, but in a silly jokey way (at age 12, he had been entirely serious).

Also for my birthday the same year some old friends of mine bought me a Buffy doll. I liked her a lot more. I was particularly upset when, a week later, she fell and her arm broke off.

Anyway, this lot have been on my shelf for two years - and I hadn't even opened Ron.

So, today, I finally did what I've been wanting to do for years - I made a silly slideshow with the dolls. Enjoy.

Rescuing Ron

(p.s... if you choose to, comment here rather than there...)
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Loz Cola

The fangirl screams...

PoA in an hour an a half... *twitch*

I watched "Superstar" of Buffy today. I LOVE Danny Strong... especially loved him when he sang "Serenade in Blue"...

Also love "Glow" by Alien Ant Farm. I am in such a loving mood.


(and with the fangirlness, Loz loses all coherance of thought)
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