May 20th, 2004

Loz Cola


I overreact. It's a bad bad thing. But I do, I do, I overreact. Any small thing and BAM, there I am, reacting one way or another, and it's always too much of a reaction for the thing at hand.

I have to harness this amazing ability to channel it into something positive, not the negative it always ends up being.

Example -

I get a bit stressed due to Honours, I go psycho crazy bitch and feel like I'm cracking under pressure.

I get a couple of marks back which are alright and I decide things aren't nearly as bad as I thought and start to feel joyous and free.

Overreaction, both ways really. I am neither joyous and free nor cracking under pressure. I just am.
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Loz Cola

Gaming goodness...

Yay, The Sims 2 is out September, and the Body Shop is available for download.

The next installment of the one game (or collection of games) I am actually fairly decent at playing is finally coming!
Loz Cola

Jazzing it up...

Peter Cincotti, if you are reading this (and I am sure you are), Marry Me!

If I marry a Jazz musician, I will be in heaven.
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    Peter Cincotti - Fool On The Hill/Nature Boy