May 17th, 2004

Loz Cola


So I just watched Ghost Rig.

Here's my score;

Story - 6 (some elements were a bit crud, but others weren't)
Plot - 6 (mainly lost points because jumpy at the beginning)
Characters - 7 (extra points have been granted for the characters of Annie and Tom)
Dialogue - 6 (nothing too corny, but nothing too interesting either)
Acting - 8 (points lost due to Jaason Simmonds, everyone else - good)
Jamie Screentime - 9 1/2 (weeee, Jamie Jamie Jamie! *looking hot hot hot*)
Cinematography - 9 (nice atmospheric lighting, good camera angles)
Soundtrack - 8 (good use of non-diegetic and diegetic sound)
Jamie Soundtrack - 9 1/2 (weeee, Jamie Jamie Jamie! *sounding hot hot hot*)

Hahaha, well that was fun.
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Loz Cola

Postey post post woo!

I've discovered something really interesting...

No that's a lie. I haven't discovered anything at all. Except, I've realised that I may have grown as a person throughout this last year. I find this an interesting concept.

I better go do the washing up!
Loz Cola

Oh the Horror, the Horror!

Since when did it happen that psychological horror affected me more than blood, guts and gore? I don't know, but apart from getting extra squeamish in regards to the eyes, I find the power of suggestion far more disturbing than the power of mangled body parts.

I suppose then that thriller flicks frighten me more than horror flicks, depending on the film.
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