May 16th, 2004

Loz Cola

I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo...

Gina Jefferies' cover of "Creep" freaking rules.

You know what else rules? JKR's official website. HOW could I not have known about this before? Has it only just sprung up?


Today I'm going out with my brother, mother and Nana. Dad politely reclines from these excursions (irascible but lovable old sod).
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Loz Cola


I figured out the mobile phone!

HAH! Special contenty goodness!

:D This website... lol...
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Loz Cola

It's like getting a new toy...

Ahhh this is fun.

I've figured out three things, so I think I'm still missing one. Hmmm... more searching.

EDIT: Got it now... with thanks to Sheena.

JK is so smart! Also, I wonder how many people are going to be in chat rooms for as long as possible, looking for "Squidward"? LOL...
Loz Cola


I wouldn't live without music... but some of it is such crud. Watching Video Hits this morning, I'm dismayed by the shite.

Mainstream is getting worse.
Loz Cola

Another exciting day in the life of Laura...

Well, that was fun :).

I should really be reading "The Hollow Hills" by Mary Stewart, but I'm not in a novel reading kind of mood. I'm half contemplating either a) listening to music, b) watching Ghost Rig with the lovely Mr. Bamber or c) making an Icon.

Oh the possibilities.
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Loz Cola


Well... that's done.

Hugh. Ahh how I love him.

EDIT: whilst not related to Hugh, (despite the fact I'm a huge Hugh for Ludo campaigner) *this is Hugh Bonneville, not Hugh Grant, Jessica and aragog*, I just had to post that I just watched that Harry Potter Lego GoF trailer on MNet and it's freaking fantastic!!!

Today has been a Pottery day. Hah. Pun!
Loz Cola

Defining Loz

Eurovision is on right now. We're taping it to watch after Foyle's War.

It's one of those things... one of those many "I'm from England, so there!" things. I just adore taking the piss out of Eurovision contestants, and reminiscing on taking the piss out of so many Eurovisions before.

It's like my complex about my accent, or my absolute insistence that anyone who comes into contact with me has to know that whilst I live in Australia, I'm actually English. And believe me, I've discovered it's quite pronounced. In fact, you probably already know it, don't you?

Don't think it's because I dislike Australians (for the most part - I quite obviously don't) or dislike the Australian "culture" (although I think it is very difficult to define one), try to think it's just about defining who I am, about acknowledging my heritage. Truth is, though... I've learnt more about Britain living here, than I ever did living there.

This year I've officially been in Australia longer than I lived in Britain... November 23 marks the day. Strangely I see this as a big thing. I want to be in Britain shortly after that (never going to happen this year, I can tell - maybe the year after).

Meh. This exact same conversation occurred last year.
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