May 13th, 2004

Loz Cola

On either side the river lie...

With thanks to mzcalypso in crumpeteers I listened to Jamie Bamber reading two Vampiric short stories late last night. I had been up at 2 in the morning because my Mother was doing homework. She works as an administration officer in a Nursing Home, so her bosses have decided to put her in a Dementia course, in order for her to be better trained in knowing how to act with some of the residents. By the sound of it, she already knew what she was doing, but the idea is good at least.

The first story I listened to (but the second in the listing), Half-sick of Shadows, written by Graham Masterton, was a nice mix of my King Arthur study and my Gothic study. Tennyson's "The Lady of Shalott" played a big part. It seemed like it had been researched and neatly weaved several myths together, which is never easy to do. Plus, it was read out with such a sexy voice, I couldn't help but pay extra attention.

The second I listened to was called This is Now and was written by Michael Marshall Smith. This story was probably my favourite as stories go. It left me with a "hmph" at the end, which is tantamount to saying a good work of short fiction ("hmph" is a positive sound, "ugh", "err" or "bleugh" are not). Jamie does an American accent all the way through. He really does do a great American accent. I know being half-American helps, but considering his normal speaking voice is so very English (and rather posh English at that) he still does a surprisingly good job.

I have to prepare a speech for tomorrow's "Research Skills" class. Luckily it isn't too difficult a topic, it's basically me talking about me, something I patently love to do.
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Loz Cola


Yo babes,

I need some technical/consumer advice. If I were to want a cool Mobile/Cell phone, with Camera, Polyphonic ringtones and the works - what would you suggest I look into? Samsung? Nokia? Motorola?

I'd really appreciate any help you could give me, as I haven't got a working mobile, and I generally stay well clear of them, so I'm not sure which are the best...
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Loz Cola

Woo woo!

Finished my preliminary writing of my speech. Hopefully I go over everything I have to.

After a spell and grammar check, I may post it under a cut for your perusal. It will give you a clearer idea of what I mean when I say "blah, I have to do this for my Thesis" or "my Thesis is giving me hell" or "I want to kill whoever came up with an idea to do a Thesis for Honours".

Bare in mind that this is how I always do my speeches. I write out a full essay type thing, then memorise key lines, and generally just use keywords to remember roughly what I wanted to say, so the finished product ends up being slighly different from the first.
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