May 12th, 2004

Loz Cola


Yesterday I discovered I still knew the lyrics to "Trouble" and "Do the Bart Man" by Bart Simpson. Should I be worried?

I have King Arthur today. I wish the film were out before this class finishes... we could go see Ioan playing Lancelot as an educational exercise... !!!
Loz Cola


I just paid for a 2 month paid account to try it out... fun :D

Unfortunately I did this through our paypal without asking my Mum, so I do hope she doesn't mind. It was only AU$7.


Maybe I can ask her tonight and pretend I haven't already done it.
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Loz Cola

This is amusing (for me)...

We have three cats, Tino, Twitch and Skittles. This story highlights the antics of Tino.

Now Tino is really a very odd cat. She's beautiful, with long plush fur and startling eyes. She's not very friendly, however. For some reason she stays away from the other cats and from us! She dislikes being touched, approached, or even spoken to. She often isn't pushy enough and doesn't get to the food we set out for the cats, and when we provide some especially for her, she eats small bits and then runs away.

Someone last night had left a closed bag of small dinner rolls (bread) on the kitchen table. I was just coming to make myself a roll for lunch. To my amazement there was a roll lying on the table with bits missing. At first I thought "Nick, you grubby little thing." (Nick is my 14 in June year old brother) Then, not paying much attention, I still went to touch the bag of rolls... my hand shot back from that bag faster than you can say "gah!" my fingers were covered in some liquid. Looking at the bag that now obviously had a gaping hole, I could only surmise it was saliva.

I look down underneath the table and see Tino eating a chunk of bread quite happily, until she catches me looking and disappears from view.

I had no idea cats could or would want to eat bread. The only thing that goes through my mind is "she thinks she's people!"
Loz Cola


I'm quite liking the new paid account. Can't wait until I have more time to properly check things out. Right now I have to read.
Loz Cola

Iiiiinteresting, veeery iiinteresting...

Class was good.

I want to spend this post extolling the virtues of one of my classmates, mainly because I know there's not a hope in hell he's ever going to read it, and because I feel like it.

Ben. If I were ever to get another crush on someone who I actually come into contact with week by week, it would most likely be Ben. He's very sweet, polite, friendly, and humourous. He's also extraordinarily intelligent, well read and and talented (I did creative writing with him in my first year). We have quite a bit in common. He's doing a Creative Writing Thesis in which he's going to write three Gothic short stories. And to top it all off he's got lovely eyes framed by cool glasses, a great smile and nice features. He's basically quite the looker, in an understated sort of way.

Yes, if I were to do that, Ben would be my target, poor boy. It doesn't matter anyway because, naturally, he's taken.

There, I got it over and done with :).
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Loz Cola


Just because you're extraordinarily hungry due to not eating all day, do not stuff yourself full of hamburger and chips.

BLAH! I feel verily ill.
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