May 11th, 2004

Loz Cola

5.52... new day, more sleep.

Just up to try and conclude my chapter outline. I was trying to do it all yesterday.

Three things;

1. I've discovered I'd most likely be a member of S.P.E.W, heck, I'd probably even be a founder. Hermione and Loz. House-elves *shakes head*. And no-one is as interested as I am, or probably even read my (grantedly long) posts on the why and wherefore of the possible strange nature of House-elf conception. At least if I had done my Thesis on it, people would be forced to read what I wrote.

2. I finally got to see Master and Commander. I enjoyed it. Alas I discovered it would be impossible to not draw a comparison between it and my beloved Napoleonic Nautical adventure the moment I blurted out "1805. Archie would be dead by then!" (a caption explaining the date and what was happening appeared on screen) My brother turned around confused and my mum simply smiled at me as if I were a child. Oh well :D.

I did like it. It actually reinforced my love of the HH movies, though. When you consider what they have achieved with a lot smaller budget, they do a pretty good job!~ And both seem to suffer from (drastic) changes to text. Well, I have to actually finish Far Side of the World and read a couple other Aubrey-Maturin novels first. Oh, and HH of course!

3. It's bloody freezing. It's also now 6.04am.
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Loz Cola

Make it through another day.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Today was a good day! After all that crap of yesterday and this morning!

Supervisor bloke actually thought my chapter outline for my Thesis was good. Turns out I'm not as clueless as I thought I was! Major weeeeee smiley moment here.

Then in class, because I had read up on scansion and prosody, I actually sounded like I knew what I was talking about :D! Poemy goodness!

After class I decided (wisely) to go see a film, so I trundled off to the Megaplex which is conveniently 10 minutes bus ride from University, and went and saw Secret Window. I liked it. Johnny Depp was fantastic as usual and John Turturro was so cool! I think the film did have anachronisms and plot errors, but that was outweighed by interesting camera use, lighting, and of course, wonderful performances.

I only had 4 hours sleep last night, so much sleep will be needed.
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Loz Cola


The question is, do I go to bed, or stay up a while? I don't have class till 3 tomorrow, but I do have to do some close reading. And I should really prepare the talk I have to give on Friday before Thursday.