May 8th, 2004

Loz Cola



I'm going public again. La la la!

This is in no way influenced by Madeline. *innocent look*
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Loz Cola


I went shopping and got my Mum presents for Mothers' Day :). Slippers, a nice top, a new purse and some chocolates. I've noticed that throughout the years my Mum has got ever increasing valued presents on Birthdays and Mothers' Days.

When I was young she was lucky if she got a card for Mothers' Day. And for her birthday? Well, certainly nothing over the £10 or $20 mark. Think a big box of chocolates, or some cheap skin care products.

As I've grown older, I really haven't grown richer, so I think it must just be more appreciation for what my Mum actually does for me. She's sacrificed so much for my brothers and I. My Dad's the same, which is why he has also had better gifts as the years have gone by. Either I was an extremely snotty and ungracious child, or I was supremely ignorant of the meaning of those special days we allow our Parents.

I love giving presents.
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Loz Cola


Archie doesn't appear to be in Monarch of the Glen.


HOW could they do this to us?


I need my other Archie to console me... *hugs Icon*
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Have fun!

Stolen from sansenmage who stole it from rainbowjehan who in turn seems to have taken it from tiamatschild.

Invent a fanfic I've written and post about it in the comments. It can be anything you want, so long as it is something that I've never written. Mention your favourite quote!
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